About Us


Desirae Ramirez is a Chicana sustainable wardrobe stylist and activist for sexual assault survivors. Her background in fashion, creative directing and wardrobe styling skyrocketed in 2013 on the set of several music video shoots.

However, In 2016, Desirae experienced a traumatic event that led her down a road of physical recovery, self - awareness, body positivity, sexual assault activism, and sustainable fashion. Thus led Ramirez to re-aligned her career and combine all of her extensive knowledge in fashion, directing, styling and activism into a manifesto known today as Chingona Threads. 

Chingona Threads launched in 2020 to encourage folks to reimagine their style by developing their own unique sustainable wardrobes.

Ramirez's offers style tips, sustainable garments that fit, flatter and amplifies their clients own sustainable closets. Chingona Threads is curated to encourage others about sustainability by rescuing and preserving items from landfill waste & educates their clients about the importance of conscious consumerism.  

Ramirez's  hope is to create a fun and inclusive shopping experience for all to story tell their own unique style, joy, healing, and activism through vintage fits  

"Everything we wear is a form of activism and holds power. May your garments remind you of what you support & who you support."

Chingona Threads's hope is to encourage you to build your own sustainable wardrobe & shop with intention.